Sex in the City

Europan 17
Kassel, Germany
Team Carolin Renno, Kim Finster, Paul Raphael Schägner

For this lovely place we promote 3 ideas for future development:

„Sex in the city“ advocates for a gender-inclusive and feminist urban representation, emphasizing equality, inclusivity, and safety, with gender-equitable mobility and safe public spaces.

„Sex in the bushes“ promotes a post-binary nature culture urbanism, harmonizing city and nature, with several urban ecosystem axis, biodiversity-focused architecture, and reproductive agriculture.

To ensure „Sex in the future“ we need a climate-adapted urbanism, utilizing existing buildings, enhancing wind corridors, and prioritizing sustainability and densified urban development. The overall vision is to create a sustainable and resilient urban environment that respects diverse lifestyles and fosters a sense of community and well-being.

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