United Gardens of Wernigerode

Runner Up award
Europan 16 • Living Cities
Wernigerode, Germany

in collaboration with:
Office-Shophouse (Natalia Vera Vigaray + Patxi Martin + Josep Garriga Tarrés) + Moritz Ahlers

Connective Landscapes
Reactivate the vision of a community-oriented Garden city
_as a green, porous neighborhood in a walking city,
_with a self-governing community and
_agricultural activity that connects people.

Huts seeding community
The local culture of huts of various sizes, materials and, functionality will develop 
_The northern site as neighborhood center, with social and agricultural activities,
_The southern site as a contemplative community garden for all ages,
and a culture of sharing and local economic circles.

Soft dwelling
The architecture will offer
_Circulation areas that foster active community life.
_A combination of apartments corresponding to changing lifestyles.
_A locally sourced structural logic ensures economic viability,
sustainable construction and develops vernacularism.

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